Winter Wedding Guide: Celebrant’s Pro Tips for Your Special Day

What do you think a pro celebrant would tell you if you wanted a winter wedding? Well, you got all those tips right here. Winters just like any other season is a beautiful one in Australia and perfect to cosy up to a wedding. Yet, there are some things which fall in the list of pro tips from wedding celebrants  for a winter wedding. 

Follow These Tips from Wedding Celebrants for a Winter Wedding

Winter weddings in Australia are becoming increasingly popular. With cooler temperatures and stunning seasonal scenery, they offer a unique charm. But hold on! It does not leave the challenges it comes with. 

Check with the Weather Man! 

Always keep an eye on the weather forecast leading up to the big day. This helps a lot to plan accordingly, whether it’s arranging for umbrellas or moving the ceremony indoors.

Dress Appropriately & be Stunning! 

Ensure you are dressed warmly enough, we love the dress but not make shivers. Layering is key, so you can adjust as needed throughout the day.

Prepare for Rain! 

Winter in Australia can bring unexpected showers. Have a backup plan and ensure that all electronic equipment, like microphones, are protected from potential rain.

Encourage Cost Elements

The most pro celebrant suggests the couple include warm blankets for guests, heaters, or even a fire pit if the venue allows. These elements can create a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

Use Warm Lighting 

Warm, soft lighting can make a huge difference in setting the mood. Fairy lights, candles, and lanterns can add a magical touch to the ceremony.

Early Ceremony 

Recommend having the ceremony earlier in the day to take advantage of the natural light. This also helps avoid the chill that comes with the late afternoon and evening.

Plan for Photos

Make sure there’s enough time for outdoor photos before the sun sets. A wedding celebrant works with the photographer to create a timeline that fits the best light of the day.

Where is the Wedding?

Consider indoor venues or those with both indoor and outdoor options. This flexibility can be a lifesaver if the weather turns unfavourable.

Get Some Heated Spaces

Ensure the ceremony space is adequately heated. Check with the venue about their heating options and make necessary arrangements.

Always be Ready for Unexpected

Always have a backup plan for outdoor elements of the wedding. Whether it’s a tent, an indoor space, or simply having extra umbrellas on hand, being prepared helps reduce stress.

Stay Calm and Flexible

It is a big day & your calm demeanour can help reassure the couple and guests if things don’t go as planned. Flexibility and quick thinking are your best tools in handling unexpected situations.


Winter weddings in Australia can be magical, but they require extra preparation and consideration. By understanding the weather, creating a warm atmosphere, and keeping guests comfortable, you can ensure a beautiful and smooth ceremony. 

Adding some of these fun seasonal touches and being prepared for the unexpected are also crucial. With these pro tips from a wedding celebrant, you’ll be well-equipped to make any winter wedding in Australia a stunning success.