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What Your Civil marriage celebrant in Melbourne Must Do For You

Civil marriage celebrant in Melbourne

While the wedding is already an expensive affair, if you have hired a civil marriage celebrant in Melbourne, you will want them to get at least the important things done for you. And you are not wrong in expecting or demanding this. So, keeping that in mind, see the major duties that must be done by your civil marriage celebrant without fail. 

Duties Performed By civil marriage celebrant in Melbourne

While it’s a job filled with joy and celebration, it also comes with a host of responsibilities that must not be overlooked

Taking Legal Work Seriously 

Completing Legal Paperwork 

If you had to do all the legal stuff on your own, why not choose the courthouse as the venue right? But wait, it is still important, who will do it?

Before the wedding, the celebrant must help the couple by completing the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) form, which needs to be lodged at least one month before the wedding day.

Verifying Documents

Now, when the NOIM is all sorted, comes documents. The celebrant must check the identification documents of the couple to confirm their eligibility to marry. What does that include? They are: 

  • verifying birth certificates, 
  • passports, or 
  • statutory declarations if required.

Ensuring Legal Wording

Remember, when officiating things in Australia, the words are very important. During the ceremony, specific legal wording must be included. 

Submitting Documents 

After the ceremony, it is the submission time. Like you say “I do” to accept, you must need the department’s “I do” to make the marriage legal. 

The celebrant must lodge the marriage paperwork with the relevant registry office promptly, ensuring the marriage is officially registered.

Managing a wedding by a civil marriage celebrant in Melbourne

On the wedding day, the celebrant has several duties to ensure everything goes off without a hitch:

Arriving Early

The celebrant should arrive at the venue early to check everything is set up correctly and to address any last-minute issues. Yes, they need to be ready for anything and everything! 

Setting the Tone

Imagine Bollywood songs not playing in an Indian wedding, is that possible? As the person leading the ceremony, the celebrant sets the tone.

They should create a welcoming and joyous vibe! Making both the couple and guests feel comfortable.

Guiding the Ceremony

The celebrant must guide the ceremony smoothly, making sure all elements happen in the correct order and according to plan.

Be the Problem Solver for Couples! 

A civil marriage celebrant in Melbourne is not just a legal or management expert but must be a problem solver as well. Weddings can be unpredictable, and a civil marriage celebrant in Melbourne must be adaptable and ready to solve any issues that arise. This might include:

Handling Last-Minute Changes

What if the DJ canceled, or the bakery delayed the cake delivery? Whether it’s a sudden change in weather for an outdoor ceremony or a delay in proceedings, the celebrant must remain calm and adaptable.

Dealing with Nervous Couples 

Weddings are emotional events, and the celebrant should be prepared to support and reassure nervous couples, helping them feel at ease.

Keeping Things private and to themselves

Respecting confidentiality and being reliable are very important aspects of a civil marriage celebrant’s role in Melbourne. The celebrant must handle all personal information with care and respect the couple’s privacy. 

Equally important is dependability; the celebrant must keep all appointments, whether it’s meetings before the wedding or arriving on time on the day itself. This reliability builds trust and ensures the couple feels supported throughout their wedding planning and ceremony.


Being a civil marriage celebrant in Melbourne is an interesting role that comes with significant responsibilities. By ensuring all legal requirements are met, personalising the ceremony, managing the event with professionalism, and being ready to handle any not planned issues, a celebrant can make a couple’s wedding day truly special. For couples in Melbourne, choosing a dedicated and meticulous celebrant ensures their journey to marriage is smooth, memorable, and joyful.

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