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How Much an Average Wedding Cost in Australia

Average Wedding Cost

Are we hearing the wedding bells? We are excited for you and we hope the big day is to be decided soon. Have you made a budget or do you know How Much an Average Wedding Costs in Australia? If not, then do not need to panic, it is not the cost of the Queen’s palace, but still expensive. You must ensure there is no “unwanted” expense that adds the extra dollars to the already big number. Let us say you chose a city, say Melbourne, and then hiring a wedding celebrant in Melbourne can help.

What is it and how you can just keep the beautiful day in a budget? We will get to know all of it, right here! 

Wedding Cost Managed Better With Wedding Celebrant in Melbourne

Without waiting, let us give you the average number that you can have for a wedding in Australia. Guess what, this number is like the one where you can go a little lavish too. If you want to cut something out the number is bound to fall. However, give this budgeting task to your wedding celebrant in Melbourne, they always have a plan! 

The average wedding in Australia, brace yourself, costs a whopping $36,000. Do not react! It is just an average, and you can always have a budget. 

Where Does All the Money Go? 

Every wedding has so many things and all demand money. Average Wedding Cost in Australia, if you see has major chunks and then some additions here and there. Let us see where this money goes. 

The venue!! 

A big part of your wedding budget will go to the venue. On average, couples in Australia spend about $15,000 on their perfect spot. 

Why is that? It is because you have so many to choose from! Options range from:

  • Fancy hotels 
  • Beautiful vineyards 
  • Stylish city spaces. 

As your wedding celebrant in Melbourne how to save money. May be you can onsider non-traditional venues like a local park or even a backyard party. You’d be surprised at how much you can save!

Food and Drink: Feed Me!

It is heavier on the wallet and than the stomach could fill. Yes, it takes a big part of your wedding, would you not feed the guests? 

Feeding your guests usually costs around $10,000. This includes food, drinks, and sometimes even the cake. Speaking of the cake, have you ever thought about having a dessert buffet instead of a traditional wedding cake? It’s a fun twist and can be easier on the wallet.

Dance the Night Away!

Music, dancing, and entertainment are crucial for setting the mood. On average, Aussie couples spend about $2,000 on entertainment. Whether you go for a DJ, a live band, or even a cleverly curated playlist, there’s plenty of room to get creative. 

Pro tip: some venues come with built-in sound systems which can save you from hiring additional equipment.

Flowers and Decorations

Florals and decor add that special touch of magic to your wedding, but they can also add up. 

Expect to spend around $3,000 on flowers and decorations. 

Want to save a bit here? DIY decorations and sourcing flowers locally or even growing your own can be a fun and economical alternative.

The Miscellaneous Must-Haves

Let’s not forget the miscellaneous must-haves, which include everything from invitations and transport to favours and the all-important marriage license. 

These can easily add another $3,000 to your budget. One way to cut costs here is to go digital with your invitations or to create personalised favours instead of purchasing expensive ones.


You must take the help of your wedding celebrant in Melbourne. One of the best pieces of advice is “Save Where You Can, Splurge Where It Matters”. The key to managing your wedding budget is simple: save where you can, and splurge where it matters most to you. For some, it’s all about the venue. For others, it’s the dress or the food. Prioritise what’s important for your dream wedding and adjust your budget accordingly.

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